Awesome Sheet Metal Custom Made DIY Projects

Awesome Sheet Metal Custom Made DIY Projects

We like to show once again the awesome sheet metal DIY projects we custom made and custom cut for our valued customers.

Aluminum Frame, Square, Rectangle

Aluminum Hat Channel

Stainless steel Ring, circle, divided circle

While all these samples are orderable for you online right now by answering 4 easy steps

1. Which sheet metal kind you would like to use
2. Which finish the sheet metal should have
3. Which thickness the sheet metal should have that meets your DIY project specifications
4. Choose the shape you need and enter the unique measurements as required.


Of course our customers have metal DIY projects that need special planning on their part and we meet the expectations with a second process to help you finalize your sheet metal DIY project.

1. Get in contact with us by email or our individual request page
2. Attache a drawing to your email or request and state everything we need to know to generate a free quote
3. A free quote will be prepared for you
4. You can order your custom made and individually planned sheet metal part online.


It does not get any easier!

Steel company logo Steel Circle with cut-outs

Sheet Metal - we cut it - we bend it - we weld it - 4U!

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