Sheet Metal Hat-Channel - Custom Order Online

Sheet Metal Hat-Channel - Custom Order Online

You can order online 14 different shapes all made out of sheet metal. One of which is the Hat-Channel
We are offering sheet metal in aluminum, carbon (mild) steel and stainless steel

Sheet Metal Forms and Shapes, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel

The Hat-Channel is composed of a U-Channel with 2 outward flanges on each side. If you look at it from the side it has the form of a "hat".
You will need to give us 6 measurements to define the Hat-Channel.

Hat-Channel Measurements

Once you entered the required data for the Hat-Channel you can press "Calculate" to get an instand price for the metal part you just have configured.

Like the price for the individually cut and bend sheet metal? Order it! It is that easy.

Here are two examples of how a Hat-Channel could look like. As always we do not know for which purpose the customer ordered this individual cut and bend
sheet metal in form of a Hat-Channel. But in many cases it is used either to hold something or to cover things up. Your imagination.
The great thing stays: You can order the Hat-Channel you really need in the quantity you require.

Looking forward to your business.

Hat-Channel - individual cut and bend sheet metal

Custom cut Hat-Channel

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